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Who we are

  • Somapharm is a leading provider of medical products in Switzerland.
  • Somapharm can look back more than 25 years of successful sales in the medical industry.
  • Somapharm has already successfully positioned several revolutionary products in the field of brain surgery, setting new standards.
  • Somapharm offers a variety of products for clinics and medical practices, and primarily advises surgical departments on the introduction of new applications.
  • Somapharm's customers include the most important clinics in Switzerland, including the university hospitals: Zurich, Berne, Basel, Lausanne, Geneva, the Hirslanden Group, almost all cantonal hospitals and a number of medical practices and private institutions.

Our aim

  • Somapharm sets new standards in mobile medicine and stands for portability in healthcare.
  • Somapharm increases patients' chances with the best possible on-site infrastructure.
  • Somapharm enables new, immediate life-saving measures for doctors and rescue teams.
  • Somapharm makes medicine more accessible and economical on a global scale.
  • Somapharm decentralises hospitals, thereby reducing healthcare costs.

What we offer

  • Somapharm stands for stability through its business model and many years of experience.
  • Somapharm provides security through a very prudent, but proven, business strategy.
  • Somapharm generates above-average and sustainable returns in the healthcare sector.
  • Somapharm is a commitment to the future of mobile and portable medicine.
  • Somapharm offers experienced management and a business model that has already been proven.

Switzerland's medical technology industry





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  • The growth trend of recent years could thus be continued. Over the past six years, the MedTech industry has posted constant sales growth of around 6% per year.
  • The growth achieved is above that of Switzerland's GDP in previous years (1.7% in 2016, 1.8% in 2017 and 2.8% in 2018)
  • The Swiss MedTech industry exported a volume of 11.3 billion in 2017. This represents 5.1% of total Swiss exports.

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Client testimonials

First impressions count


Somapharm has always introduced excellent products to the market during the past decades and ensures sustainability in its business field.

Prof. Dr. A. Mendelowitsch, Hirslanden Group

In both sales and successful product development, over the years Somapharm has built a reputation for reliability, innovation and customer service of the highest level.

Dr. med. T. Feuerstein, FMH Neurosurgery

For us, Somapharm is a very professionally organized and effective, customer-oriented, innovative company with an excellent technical clinical product range

A. Züger, medical technicians

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